A Complete Guide For Freshers Searching For Jobs | By Stark

A Complete Guide for Freshers Searching for Jobs | by Stark

Congratulations! Your college days are finally over, and if not, you are already on the verge of starting your professional life as a fully responsible adult. No matter if you are already a graduate or soon to be, whatever the scenario, the anticipation, and anxiety of starting a whole new life are equally tormenting.

We understand that one of the most difficult tasks in today's competitive market is searching for a job as a fresher. Landing our dream job has always been each one of our's primary goals in life. Maybe that's why we all have invested so many years, resources, money, and hard work into gaining qualifications and the right skills for it.

In today's time, where a spectrum of professional careers is present, candidates often tend to get confused and lost without proper guidance, especially the freshers. In this article, we are going to address and talk about all the major issues that freshers face during their job search and tips to overcome those problems and land their dream job.

When Is the Right Time for You to Start Looking for a Job?

Even though there are no set rules regarding the perfect time for a job search, as one or the other company is always hiring year-round, there are certain unsaid patterns hidden in the recruitment cycles which can give you an edge over your competition if you can read and understand them ideally.

Generally, it is said that as soon as you know you'll be graduating, begin your job search. Don't leave it till the last second. Your chances of getting a job are better the earlier you start looking. But studies have also seen booms in recruitment cycles during specific periods of the year. These cycles can be understood after studying the following listed recruitment trends:

Winter Recruitment Trends

This period is right around the New Year time as recruiters have just finished the holiday season and tend to take fewer vacation days at this time of year, which aids in the first quarter's hiring process.

Spring Recruitment Trends

This is the prime time for job applications for freshers as most of them graduate during this period, which attracts a large number of companies to run rigorous recruitment drives.

Summer Recruitment Trends

This period is the slowest as most of the staffers are starting to take vacations which decelerates the recruitment process due to the longer period for the job application progress. This should not mean that you should stop looking for jobs, instead, you can go for summer internship programs as it will only add up some extra brownie points to your resume.

Fall Recruitment Trends

During this period, the recruitment process starts to boom again as staffers are back in full force from their respective vacations and looking to fill in all the empty vacancies before the end-of-year holidays start.

Things to Consider While Looking for a job

The Job search process is itself very time-consuming and mentally exhausting. Those who have gone through this period multiple times in their lives, already know that it is the most important yet patience testing period.

Job hunting has layers of technicality to it. This procedure requires knowledge of ways to find the most suitable job profile for our future career path and a greater understanding of our skills and qualifications to evaluate the right type and level of job that will perfectly match our persona.

Some common practices that can help you walk through this tough time are:

  • Reach out to your common contacts (like friends, college career centers, mutual links) or job search platforms. These resources can help you find the right path for your future career.

  • Be resilient while applying for jobs, as you might not meet the right recruiters or land the right job profile in your first few attempts. Be ready to re-evaluate your approach and stay motivated during multiple applications.

  • Be patient when not receiving replies from the recruiters on expected deadlines. As the job market is very competitive and heavily trafficked, it takes time for HRs to process your application and make decisions.

Things to Remember While Building Your Resume

Resumes are the reflection of all your life's achievements, qualifications, and experiences. The first step to securing any job application is to build a unique and appealing resume. On average a recruiter only gives 2 to 3 minutes to go through a resume. They try to only look for skills that make your profile unique and valuable for their organizational requirements.

The best practice to draft a perfect resume for any job application is to personalize each resume for each application and only include skills and content that matches the requirements for the vacancy. Make sure to highlight all your big accomplishments and unique skills to make your profile stand out from the sea of multiple resumes.

Don't follow the herd and try to imitate what your peers are doing. Be ready to experiment with the design and visuals of your resume. These days recruiters have also been noticed to prioritize application documents that look more aesthetically pleasing.

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What Skills should a Fresher Showcase in their Resumes?

Confused about choosing the right skills to showcase in your resume? It's okay to not be sure about your skills and be able to differentiate between your hard skills & soft skills.

Mentioning both the hard and soft skills in your resume is equally important but in the right respective sections. It's important to select the key abilities to include in your CV, that fits the requirements of the desired role and make your portfolio seems competent enough for the vacancy.

Simply review the job description again and make a list of all the abilities it mentions. Then, take a look at your capabilities and compare them to the job's requirements, keeping in mind any transferable skills and other industry-specific abilities that the job posting may have missed.

Importance of Networking for Freshers

Utilizing your free time to network with people will allow you to get insight into the respective job industry that you are interested to participate in. Right networks will keep you informed and updated about the latest trends in the market and upcoming job fair events to follow.

Your networks also have the potential to act as your referrals and can open doors to unexplored possibilities. A strong professional relationship with your network can also motivate them to hand-deliver your CV to the hiring manager. This can help you stand out from the competition and one day obtain the job of your dreams.

Prepare for Creating the Best First Impression on the Recruiter

A good resume can only help you in landing an interview opportunity. It's your first impression during the interview itself that can help you in securing the job vacancy. To create the best first impression, your verbal communication skills and the physical presentation sense should be in A game.

When you're getting ready for an interview, you're certainly thinking about the difficult questions you'll face, the comprehensive replies you'll offer, and the polished yet slightly comical anecdotes you'll tell. It is, after all, the main focus of the interview and what will, ideally, put you on the fast track to receiving an offer letter.

However, everyone will be evaluating your abilities to fit the position and the organization even before you have the chance to deliver those well-prepared comments. You feel the need to make an excellent first impression as soon as you enter the interview room.

How to Crack an Interview

An interview might sound like a scary business to most freshers. Most of this fear is due to glossophobia, also known as the fear of public speaking. This fear is a learned behavior and a result of nervousness and general anxiety. The primary step to cracking an interview is to break free of this fear which can be achieved through regular practice and mock interviews. Other measures include:

  • Research the company

  • Have all your documents properly arranged and organized

  • Be prepared for commonly asked questions

  • Follow the proper dress code

  • Be mentally present

  • Stay positive and be witty

  • Make it a two-way conversation

What is an Interview Presentation and how to Ace it?

Imagine you are in the middle of what seems to be a normal interview and all of a sudden the interviewers have asked you to give a presentation! Don't get shocked, it shows that recruiters have been greatly satisfied by your answers up till now and are willing to take the interview to the next level.

With an interview presentation, they are only trying to test your practical skills and how you will perform in real-world scenarios. This is the part where we suggest you get out of your comfort and defensive mode and showcase your skills with an offensively witty charm and full confidence.

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How to Cope from Exhaustion from Multiple Interviews

As a fresher, we encourage you to apply for as many job opportunities as you seem to fit in. This will only increase your possibility of landing a job. But with many applications, many interviews will also follow up. Managing multiple interviews can often be a difficult task as some days you might have to go through a series of interviews one after the other.

This can take a toll on your physical as well as mental health, which is what we refer to as interview fatigue. It is important to address this issue and understand the importance of taking proper care of yourself to prevent it from happening to you as it will only limit your performance.

Steps to prevent interview fatigue:

  • Be Positive

  • Carefully schedule your interviews with proper intervals

  • Take proper breaks

  • Do proper reviews after each interview

  • Stay hydrated and look after your physical health

How to Manage Multiple Job Offers?

Got multiple job offers? Congratulations!! Your hard work has paid off well. All the recruiters must be fighting right now to have you in their organization. Are you ready to choose which one lucky out of those recruiters will be your first big break?

Just as exciting as it might seem to receive multiple offers, it is an equally mind-boggling task to make the decision. One wrong decision can lead to the permanent loss of a breakthrough opportunity in your career.

Keep cool and acknowledge that this is a positive development first. You must make a decision, and you can evaluate the positions to see which one is the best fit. Make sure to do comprehensive research about each recruiter and compare them on the scale of your prospects.

Importance of Salary Negotiation

Some freshers might find themselves being hesitant about the whole salary negotiation process and often settle for something that is way below their deserving pay. Salary negotiation is a critical skill that all job seekers should learn, especially entry-level candidates. Many corporates often tend to exploit the lack of such skills and try to hire candidates at a below minimum wage compared to their peers on similar profiles with the same experience.

Asking for a competitive salary is your labor right and you should practice it without any shame or fear. Be confident when negotiating for your pay grade and CTC and make sure you have done proper research about the similar to demand the righteous amount of compensation.

If you don't negotiate a compensation offer while having specific expertise and a strong resume, you can be passing up money.

Summing Up

Being a fresher in the market comes with its benefits and challenges. On one hand, you are like an empty canvas with the potential to learn great skills and become the next big shot in the industry, on the other hand, you face high competition from veterans in your field.

Being one of the leading online job portals, we would like to break some secrets for you. All the successful leaders you see today with many years of experience were once fresher like you. They all started from the same point where you are standing today. If they can dare to think big and work towards it, so can you.

Being confident about your potential and skills is one thing that all recruiters are looking for. Always carry a positive attitude towards the procedure and be ready to re-evaluate it and restart from the scratch if expected results are not following. Be real and honest about your achievements and always make sure to think beyond temporary and short-term goals. Always be ready to learn new skills and add them to your CV to enhance its impact value.